Orange Order members allowed to enter Scottish Catholic churches

Members of the Orange Order in Scotland will be allowed to enter Catholic churches for the first time.

Great Escape 75th anniversary: Orangeman played key role in German POW camp break out

Tomorrow marks the 75th anniversary of the Great Escape, though it has perhaps escaped many people’s attention that a prominent Orangeman played a key role in the break out from German POW camp Stalag Luft III. - via Belfast @News_Letter

Chapter Chat: Royal Black Institution workshops around Northern Ireland with Rev William Anderson @RoyalBlack1797

Mitchell Memorial Orange Hall hosts event on IRA ethnic cleansing around the border. Talks by Professor Henry Patterson on legacy bias & why many citing Brexit make no account for why re was previously a hard border & Rev Hutton who recounted the murder of Robert Mitchell JP.

Fermanagh Orange Order donates £60,000 to USPCA, Cancer Focus NI, Parkinsons UK, Positive Futures, SASRA & Scripture Union, South East Fermanagh Foundation, Royal British Legion, Orange Orphan Society & both the RUC GC & UDR Benevolent Funds

Former US Marine Allen Ford is elected as master of Las Vegas Purple Star LOL 212 in Arizona

Orange Order "Through the eye of the needle" exhibition. Masters Cloak from Eden Orange Lodge, Portglenone

The Reverend David McIlveen will conduct the service of Remembrance for two UDR soldiers killed by the IRA

Chaplains Thought by Rev Dr Alan McCann & Orange Community Awards to be held in Lisburn.

Orange Order "Through the eye of the needle" exhibition - Ladies Orange Benevolent Society collarettes from Canada

Lecture by Armagh based historian Quincey Dougan on little known Orange heritage in Cork - at the Crawford Art Gallery in Cork City hosted by the Cork Historical and Archaeological Society

Orange Order youth seminar takes place at the Rosspark Hotel, Ballymena

Orangeman & Pro Brexit founder of Wrightbus, Sir William Wright CBE awarded the freedom of borough

The Grand Orange Lodges of Ireland, England and Scotland are set to meet cross party representatives & MPs in Westminster today voicing their opposition to Theresa May's deal as a threat to the Union

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