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Chaplains Thought by Rev Ron Johnstone Also Bedford Bible & Crown Defenders LOL 71 celebrates their 80th anniversary

The Grand Orange Lodge of Ireland has finally spoken up on Brexit. They have rejected the Prime Minister's Withdrawal Agreement as a bad deal which threatens the Union. @orangeorder @RoyalBlack1797 @OrangeOrder1690

Orange Order gala dinner in the Titanic Centre for Drew Nelson legacy project

Orange Order reveals Santa with a sash Christmas gifts -

Miniature Santa Orangemen - built using Lego-style parts - are anticipated to march off the shelves this Christmas.

Belfast Telegraph: Orange Order reveals Santa with a sash Christmas gifts.

Order to fall silent for Armistice centenary

A number of specially arranged memorial services, parades and other events, will take in the coming days as the Orange Institution marks the centenary of the ending of the First World War.

We remember two important events in the history of the British Isles. The first is the discovery of the Gunpowder Plot on 5 November 1605. The plot was intended to blow up Parliament and kill King James I. The second is the arrival of William, Prince of Orange, at Brixham on 5 November 1688.

Pastor Don Fortner Danville from Kentucky is preaching in the Independent Orange Hall in Ballymoney

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